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F2 Solutions, Inc. is a management and technology services firm with Federal and State government, nonprofit, and private sector customers. F2 Solutions is a certified 8(a) company (minority owned, small disadvantaged business) that was established in November 2006. F2 Solutions’ customers are primarily Federal agencies and organizations providing services to traditionally underserved populations, including low-income women, children, and minorities. F2 Solutions provides its customers with comprehensive, multi-level management services that incorporate grant (peer) reviews as well as communication and logistical services. These service pillars are paralleled by our cutting-edge technology services.

The “Grant or Peer Review” is the objective process used by funding organizations to assess the efficacy and potential benefit of the services, programs or initiatives being proposed by applicants. Grant reviews are a critical component of the funding process and are designed to choose the best programs for funding out of a competitive group.

Types of Grant Reviews

F2 Solutions’ provides support to a variety of grant review models used by our clients:

Remote Grant Review ̶ This model allows all review participants to complete the review and evaluation of grant applications remotely, without having to convene in one physical location. Access to the Internet is a requirement. Training and discussions are administered via web-based platforms or teleconference.

Onsite Grant Review ̶ This model gathers SMEs in one physical location to evaluate and comment on the merits of the grant applications.

Hybrid Grant Review ̶ This combination grant review consists of two stages. In the first stage, the SMEs read and complete a preliminary scoring of the grant applications independently. In the second stage, the SMEs gather as members of a review panel in one physical location to complete the final scoring and evaluation of grant applications.

Reviewers represent a group of professionals and subject matter experts (SMEs) capable of objectively evaluating a competitive group of grant applications against the criteria published in a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) or Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA). Reviewers are chosen based on their knowledge, education, and experience. Reviewers are expected to use their expertise to assess the applications according to the evaluation criteria published and accept the responsibilities of thoroughly reading all applications, fully contributing to panel discussions and producing accurate and substantive evaluations.

Reviewers are typically required to make a time commitment to the process for short durations (typically 1 to 2 weeks), confirm compliance with participation requirements, and certify that there are no conflicts of interest. Participants who are not employees of the funding entity receive an honorarium for their services; the honorarium varies and is dictated by the funding entity.

Reviewing grant applications will help you gain experience in preparing quality grant applications and will provide you with an overview of the award process. You will have opportunities to network with professional peers and Federal officials. The knowledge you obtain can add to your own professional development and goals.

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